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The church was designed by E.W Pugin and built in 1865-67. The church was built to accommodate the growing population in neighbouring Birkdale.


Edward Welby Pugin designed and oversaw the building of the church and a house for the priest on land donated by Thomas Weld Blundell at the corner of York Road and Albert Road (now Saxon Road).


The church was formally opened on 10 May, 1867 and was designated as a Grade II listed building in July 1999.


St Teresa of Avila

The Church of St. Teresa of Avila was built in 1897–98 and was designed by the architectural partnership of James Sinnott, Bernard Sinnott & Daniel Powell.  It was remodelled in the 1950s when it was panelled with marble.  The church and presbytery were recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade II listed building in July 1999. 



The design of Our Lady of Lourdes Church continues the pre-war tradition of brick churches on a longitudinal plan with simple basilican form. It is a well-detailed building with a tall landmark tower.

The church was designed by architect LAG Pritchard replacing a temporary church built in 1931 to serve the rapidly-expanding area. The land for the present building was donated by the Weld-Blundell estate and the church was opened in 1956.

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